Tuesday, November 25, 2008

our little munchkin...

BC is really in there, doing jumping jacks, kicking, squirming, and punching everywhere! We saw it with our own eyes yesterday and it is probably the coolest thing I've ever experienced.
I scanned in all of the great pics, but unfortunately a lot of them turned out darker and grainier in the scanner. Here's our favorite, though!

Just look at that cute little arm and fist curled up around his face, and his knee tucked up to his chest! I love the little ear, too.
Apparently he sleeps every 20 minutes (he started to fall asleep during the ultrasound and the nurse was bouncing on my tummy to wake him up, haha!). He's about the size of an onion this week - 5 inches.
Thanks for keeping up with us, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


So, the exec. director of the Dallas Pregnancy Resource Center called today with a work-related question. I know her (and I knew she'd be excited - she's dedicated her life to the unborn!), so I told her I was expecting. She said, oh - you have to come in for a sonogram! Apparently they like to do those for "ministry partners" and friends of their organization. We're scheduled for Monday to get a 3D one - just in time to show our families for Thanksgiving! Yay!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008


Baby Crawford is an avocado this week! And most of mommy Crawford's pants won't button. Especially after eating. We're making progress!

BC is pumping on average 25 quarts of blood every day now. Wow! Here's probably what our cutie looks like now. If only we could take a real look!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


We a good doctor's appt. today and got to hear baby's heartbeat at a strong 152 beats/minute. And, our ultrasound is scheduled for December 5th! The gender is supposed to be apparent then, but as you know, we're going to keep ourselves in suspense.

Last week, BC was the size of a lemon, and on Friday, our baby will be about the size of an apple!

Baby is dancing around inside me and making facial expressions, even though I can't feel any of it (he is still small and has plenty of room to move around in there). Although, maybe I can! We joke that all my hiccups are from little BC totally head-butting my diaphram. That little squirt!