Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dinner fun

What you can't see is the chili all over her lap:)

Uh oh, forgot to use my spoon... I'm in trouble now!

I had the good sense to take off her (outer) shirt before dinner both of these times. Yay mom!

Also, molly's really improving at her puzzles...

Hi mom!

I got all super-nesting-instinct one afternoon nap and made her seven new bows (this is one). I also had a random burst of excitement this past week at the thought of future chore charts. And I made a shower curtain. Pregnancy hormones at work!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Random pictures

Hello! We've been doing well here in our new house. We closed on our old house last week, praise the Lord, and are really getting settled here.

Molly is doing great - we are amazed at how much she's growing and love her sweet and funny personality. Nothing compares to being parents!

She's a great eater - she likes most of what we eat and lets me add chopped spinach or other veggies to her favorite foods. She also just started sleeping 12 hours at night - her absolute max used to be 11ish. Yes, we have arrived. :)

She's been playing a lot with her buddy Jaxon, who was born on the same day as she was! Here they are a couple times. Cute!

And notice molly's look in the next pic... Hmm, she may be a bossy big sis?

Here Jaxon is letting Molly drive his car. What a gentleman!

We've also gotten to spend some time with molly's new (5th!) cousin Preston and mom Kara. He is a precious boy and Kara is doing such a great job with him despite the craziness that is life with a newborn!

We appreciate the practice being around such a tiny baby:)

Okay, one more... JC and I took Molly to a very cool park near our house this weekend and here she is swinging... I just think her skinny little legs are hilarious in this picture!

Hope everyone is enjoying the fall! Thanks for keeping up with us. :)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Quack quack!

Our little duckie at a neighborhood Halloween party:)

Waddling in the neighborhood...