Wednesday, November 30, 2011


we were in Augusta again this year - thanks to JoJo & Pops! It was a great family trip. Lots of memories!

new camera...

So, I got a new camera for birthday/christmas! Here are some pictures I took the first few days with it.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

November so far

On the move!!

Sorry 13-year-old Caroline, but this is so cute.

First spaghetti & meatballs! Big hit, as you can see.

With lucky @ cookie's house -

Post-bath in matching jammies!

Sleeping in the nursery at church... It was so painful to wake her up!

Big visit to (greats) grandmother & granddad in fort worth. They have a really nice new place and the girls had a blast playing and having lunch with them.

Bummer the lighting was weird here. But still sweet!!

I'm on a roll catching the blog up!! Hopefully I can continue. We have a big month coming up with thanksgiving and Christmas:)

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Boo Boo & Paw Paw visit! We had the best time. For days afterward, Molly was saying, "I miss booboo and pawpaw!" "i want dem come back to our house!" well, she still says that randomly. :)
Good thing we have Christmas to look forward to!! She lists everyone that will be there, says "YAYY!!!" and claps after each one.

A little visit to the pumpkin patch. Molly really loves pumpkins this year - when we walk through the neighborhood she has to run up to every door and count the pumpkins. She can count to 13ish, then it goes a little haywire. (And she loves and counts scarecrows. Boo Boo bought her a little "2-year-old" girl scarecrow and she's obsessed with it.)

Caroline is sitting up! And... starting to army crawl. Which is very cute, especially since she doesn't really get far yet. Oh boy, I'm going to be in trouble when I get a second mobile one!

And on to Halloween... We went with the duck (which Molly wore last year) and a cow.

Molly's little BF, Guy (the dragon) from across the street. They are SO CUTE together. They took turns pulling each other in the wagon while trick or treating and ran up to the doors yelling "trick or treat!!" and "THANK YOU!" together.

And the aftermath... She got to have a snickers before daddy took her candy to work the next day. Cruel? Maybe. The best thing for both of us? Yes. And I have no illusions that it will work next year.

She kept picking up pieces of candy, saying "I like dis one da best!" over and over. (even though she had no clue what they were.) hilarious! We tried not to make it a big deal, forbidden fruit situation... that may be how it worked for it to disappear the next day:)

Caroline did a great job being adorable during the first half of trick or treating! Then the two of us went back and I put her down.

Thanks for persevering through this long post!