Monday, July 30, 2012

port sheldon 2K12!

We had a wonderful 10 day trip to Port Sheldon, Michigan in July. It was such a nice break for all of us - so much relaxing involved! Here's a sampling of pics.

 after jumping some "big" waves...
 mubber and poppy. everyone loved having them around!
 i love it - caroline smiles for pictures now when you ask her. a scrunchy smile. :)
 S'more face!!
 view from the cottage deck.
 caroline... now a daddy's girl just like molly.
 first time in pigtails!
 molly makes a blueberry pie with boo boo!
 daddy's tee-shirt as a coverup.
 caroline loving her mini blueberry pie that molly and boo boo made.
 love these!!

 make-your-own burger night.
 canoeing with paw paw, molly and me.
 caroline watches with boo boo from the dock.
 trying to feed the girls dinner at the beach.
 walk on the beach!

 bear crawling on the beach. don't know where this started but sometimes the girls just bear crawl around the house together. we always get a kick out of it!
 beach napping with boo boo. (pretending to nap, that is.) I'm sure it is especially comfortable for boo boo to have caroline's wet rear in her face.
 some reading in their jammies.

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